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Raíz Quadrada (1 de 1) (2015)

Nature has been replaced by sidewalks, asphalt .. at most It is used as decoration in the metropolises and cities. Under the sunlight, its organic shapes are projected on the artificial structures created by bipedal hominid; draws up the aesthetic is fractal geometry itself that forms and conforms organic and mineral molecular structures of the Earth and other planets or galaxies.
The ephemeral beauty of found everyday, filtered by this intellect and transformed into the intersection in time able to sensitize other perceptions to be recorded in digital systems built with use of geometry, electricity .. accumulated knowledge extracted from nature.

Disponível Original 1/1 Sole Exclusive. Dimensões 60x40x2cm assinado pelo artista.
Impresso com Tintas Vivera sobre Canvas Canson PhotoArt Pro 395gsm. Acompanha Certificado of Autenticidade Canson Infinity Online assinado pelo autor. Envie seu pedido.

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