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Ser Geométrico (2014)

Disponível sob pedido, Edição Limitada 1/1
Fotografia Digital impressa em Alumínio com Certificado de Autenticidade
emitido e assinado pelo Artista_____$1040 (preço inclui entrega)

We are geometric beings, from the molecules, to the artificial world that we created with the use of geometry, electricity, colors .. immutable values of the cosmos that the human being apprehended of the nature and that took us out of the caves, bringing us into this extraordinarily complex world and chaotic of the 21st century. When I photograph the light of the sun I create an artifact that did not exist in this physical plane, with one of the creations of mankind that registers what the human eye sees .. the light of the sun .. This artifact sensitizes other perceptions in other spaces-time and influence in the very making of Vir Vir, to emulate the own geometry and its abstract truths reproduced in human creations. Harmony, Balance, Order, Perenniality, Peace and the certainty that we are all equal, for we come from the same source.

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