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Trapeze (1 de 1) (2011)

26x39,4x0,8 in ~ Fotografia, Fotografia digital

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The spellings of light in shadow establish a game that seduces the eye of the beholder. The images provide new scenarios affirming the relationship of everyday objects with the spaces they inhabit. We realize that there is an intention to show that transcends reality and turns it into another universe, the simple and pure forms.

ORIGINAL 1/1 Unique Exclusive disponível à pedido: R$ 3,185 | $ 980 Dólares + Entrega
Canvas Canson PhotoArt Pro 395gsm with Certificate Canson Infinity.
Spellings Light, graphics facts Series

With two (02) Limited Editions of 5, printed on Rag Paper Canson, of this this Work was Opened. Dimensions: 40x60 and 50x70cm.

2009 - Exhibition SPELLINGS LIGHT, GRAPHIC FACTS which featured 22 photos of Ordic at SESC Arsenal, Cuiaba, Brazil

2011 - Work Published on Catalogue Exposuse 2011 - Seeme
First Calder's Exhibition at Sesc Arsenal, Cuiaba, 2009

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